Tango Links

To Tango  We can’t say enough about this site and the wealth of david_mariana-220x300information it offers on tango, steps, composers, history, music, trivia, everything tango. It’s easy to navigate, too. Check it out, http://totango.net/ttindex.html.

TangoMango is the definitive site for details on milongas, classes, workshops, and more in many cities throughout the U.S. http://www.tangomango.org.

Batango  is the site of the Bay Area Tango Association for my home base, the San Francisco Bay Area, and lists all the milongas, classes and special events in that area. www.bayareatango.org/

About SF Tango In case you didn’t know it, San Francisco has the best, most vibrant tango scene outside of Buenos Aires. So you think that’s an insider’s view? Then have a look at Maika’s site, jam-packed with all things tango, including tango shoes, tango wear, and much more..

Very Tango is one of the most rounded sites with oodles of practical info for new and experienced tangueros and milongueros. The site is a breeze to navigate and has everything from history to detailed info on shoes for men and women.