Workshops & Milongas

Saturday & Sunday, July 21 & 22 

This Weekend Workshop is an introduction to Inner Relationship Focusing, a mind/body awareness method which helps you become more calm and confident. We use Argentine tango as a vehicle to practice being fully present in your body while connecting with another.
This is a fantastic workshop to deal with any issues that tango might trigger: from beginners feeling anxious or awkward to more experienced dancers feeling frustrated or self-critical.
*Both days are necessary because Sunday builds on Saturday.*
Discover how you can become more present with each step you take. Presence in Motion shows you how to stay home in your own body first while connecting with another person.
ZERO dance experience necessary ~ Singles welcome ~ Couples welcome




Practica! 9:30 – 11
Practica follows Christy Cote’s Intensive Classes

MILONGA FLORIDA! – not every week! Check on Tango Mango for next scheduled Milonga Florida
9 pm to midnight: Occasional Milonga (Tango dance party). Rotating DJs.At Milonga Florida we play an exquisite selection of Tango, Milonga and Vals tandas; you’ll find a friendly and inviting atmosphere, where dancers adhere to the Milonga codes. Experience the connection of dancing Tango, join us.
$15 one class and/or milonga.

Occasional Saturdays… 
Come Check out our Sundown Practica!
3 – 3:30 Taste of Tango Lesson
3:30 – 6 Practica
Rotating Teacher Schedule

Occasional Sundays…

Come check out of occasional Advanced Workshops on weekends on