Welcome to La Pista Tango, A Premiere Argentine Tango Dance Studio

La Pista, where the elite meet to greet other tango feet • The only dedicated Argentine Tango dance salon for miles around • Best floating wood floor for smiles around • Milongas, workshops, classes and private lessons offer an international tango experience to the Bay Area.

Located at 768 Brannan Street, San Francisco, between 6th & 7th streets and Townsend & Bryant.

Susana Miller teaches at La Pista!

FRIDAY, July 25:  La Milonguita
7:30 – 9:00 pm: What Is Inside the Tango?. Posture, embrace, rhythm.  The walking has all the “mantras”. All levels ($20) – Práctica follows.

SATURDAY, July 26: El Bailongo@ La Pista
7:30 – 9pm: A sequence from one of the great milongueros who is no longer among us: a giro (turn) with traspié and sacada. Adv. ($25)
9pm-1am: El Bailongo de Polo. $10 (included with Susana’s class).

Susana Miller is the preeminent teacher of Argentine Tango in the Milonguero Style, a term she coined to introduce tango apilado to students around the world. Milonguero Style is a synthesis of Susana’s studies over the years of the unique dancing styles of the older milongueros. She has a gift for deciphering their distinct vocabularies and choreographic combinations, and transmitting these to her students.
Susana’s exploration of apilado dancing is a huge contribution to passing on this popular form of social tango. She encourages students to employ more rhythm in their dance, to discover their own dance vocabularies and to learn how to shape and shrink these in space. For women, she encourages active dancing, in which the woman interprets the messages that the man’s body and the spirit are sending.
Susana has likely contributed to putting more people on the dance floors of Buenos Aires than any other single teacher. A 1999 article in Clarin, the major Buenos Aires daily paper, notes her influence as the primary advocate of the “Almagro style,” one of the three primary styles from the contemporary dance halls of Buenos Aires . (The others, as delineated by this article, are “Villa Urquiza,” referring to a neighborhood style, and that of Gustavo Naveira, popularly referred to as “nuevo,” although not by Naveira himself or by the other contributors to this style.)
Susana’s instruction will help students improve posture, axis, grounding, breathing, balance, and sensitivity to the men’s & women’s roles. She encourages dancers to develop their own unique improvisational styles through knowledge of the music, space and body. Her classes emphasize step quality and rhythm. Rather than predetermined patterns, she imparts a basic choreographic vocabulary that allows dancers to creatively shape their own language.
Susana is a native of Buenos Aires and has been dancing and teaching tango since the late 1980s revival of social tango. She is one of the founders of the popular Milongueando annual festival in Buenos Aires . She has made regular teaching tours to the United States and Europe since 1994. Susana is cited as a master teacher by many prominent teachers/dancers, and her teaching has impacted innumerable students of this beautiful dance.

Coming September 13, a special workshop with Tom Lewis & Camille Tango LegsCusumano:
1pm to 5pm, includes practica + many freebies – $55
This is a  workshop taught by Camille with Tom Lewis for beginners (leaders or followers) and intermediate dancers who want to progress to a higher comfort level in social tango and make their dancing more efficient and rewarding. We’ll cover technique in conjunction with the five basic steps that you need to know to attend milongas. We’ll break down the body mechanics and give you exercises that help your “muscle memory” whether you are walking, pivoting, changing weight, following a lead, leading a follower, or just standing in the embrace in a crowded milonga. In three hours with breaks and light refreshments provided (plus some takeaway goodies), we’ll cover the following.
Contact Camille for more details: (415) 425-6515
Or go to: Tango Technique Workshop

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